Bubble from Target

Talking to your children is one of the most natural things to do.  However, you never really examine the way that you talk to them and what you are saying until someone else points in out.

Yesterday I was out shopping at Target, just a normal morning errand run with my two young ones and a woman stopped me.  She said “excuse me, but I just have to say I love they way that you are talking to your kids.”  At first I was quite taken aback , but then I realized it was quite a complement.  

What she meant was that it was nice to hear someone speaking to their kids with adult language and not baby talk.  The mom went on to explain that her daughter was in the hospital and all of the nurses and doctors were “baby talking” to her.  This was frustrating her daughter and causing more stress than the situation required.

I spent the rest of the day contemplating the depth of communicating with children.  It was nice to have someone else notice the decision that my husband and I made and how it has also worked for other people.

How do you communicate with your children and others?  Would an outside perspective help you evaluate your methods?


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